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Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle road?

Just saw this video about building a wireless charging road for electric vehicle. It's classic way of just pitching the benefit of conveniency and totally avoiding the critical elements that requires attention. The inefficiency of energy transfer means a good 30% or more energy is wasted during the transfer. I am not sure how to manage to turn on the charging coil just in time for the vehicle arriving but it's going to be a waste if the road is not occupied by electric vehicles.  Unless they throw in a lot of new innovation to solve these critical factors, it's going to be a non-eco friendly project.

Read your mind from your wrist! A demo from Facebook!

CTRL-Labs, a neural interface startup acquired by Facebook in 2019, seems to have something going. Recently Facebook has released a demo video showing how we can control our computer through this Mind-Reading Wrist device that let us control our computer via AR.

Gold 2.0 - Bitcoin

The multi-trillion dollars printed to handle pandemic stimulus, the infrastructure Bill and the event of the storming of the capital all pressure the confidence of the US dollar. All these factors should have been pushing the price of gold higher. However, the gold price is down 2.88% at $1,858/oz at the time of writing of this blog post. It is because people are rushing into the Gold 2.0 : Bitcoin. Also as a hedge to US inflation, the equities market is also a good hedge too. Given that gold generates no interest and offers no growth momentum, gold can only be a "stable" asset.

The Blue Wave and the Dollar

It looks like Democrats will have a chance to win both seats in Georgia. So Democrats will have a chance to control both the Senate and the House. The Biden administration is in for an easier life to implement their policies.

Georgia Run Off Election and Green Energy

The market is eyeing on the Senate runoff election in Georgia. It will determine if the Biden administration is effective in pursuing its preferred economic policies. Trump's "find votes" telephone call is really just a drama but I believe that he really has not much power at this moment to overturn the election. The real implication is really if we will be having an effective Senate going forward. Green Energy and Infrastructure are two main sectors that will be impacted.  Given the latest global support from many countries including China to pursue net-zero carbon objectives, Green Energy is gaining global momentum. Furthermore, Green Energy is a technology movement more than a political movement. I don't think anyone will reject Green Energy if it becomes a viable option. Given the momentum and market focus on EV, Batteries, Solar, Hydrogen Cell and so forth, positive development is bound to happen because I have faith in human endeavor. As to the infrastructure po

[Video] 30 min build an ultimate stock monitoring list using Google Finance

  I was asked by a friend to show him how to use Google Sheets and GoogleFinance() to build a portfolio. I thought screen recording it and share it on YouTube is an effective channel. So I have done just that.

$AMBD can be a good play for the Healthcare sector

Abiomed $ABMD stock price has been rising nicely since Dec 14, 2020. It has a clean balance sheet and a consiste profit generator for many years.  Healthcare is an important sector that deserve a position in my portfolio. It's not as volatile as in the BioTech. Abiomed's products are proven products for many years. It's a good long term and strategic play.

NIO and Tesla both meet deliveries expectation.

Looks like the EV market starts 2021 with good news as both NIO and Tesla have topped their deliveries in Q4 2021.  Tesls delivered 180,570 vehicles in Q4 to top consensus marks. In Q4, Tesla delivered 179,757 vehicles 18,920 Model S/X cars and  161,650 Model 3/Y vehicles. For the quarter,  In 2020, Tesla delivered 499,550 vehicles but produced produced 509,737 vehicles.  NIO delivered 17,353 vehicles in Q4, up 111.0% Y/Y, above the top end of the company's own guidance. #BeatGuidance

Hello 2021

Happy New Year! 2020 has been one of the worst years I have experienced. Now it's gone. Let's hope we are only getting better down the road.  I have not written any blog for a long time because I have not much to share. However, I have always been taking notes and clipping news for my interest in investment. Starting 2021, I thought perhaps I can open my investment notes on this blog just to get the blog active again. Let's start today.