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This Fully Automated Expense Spreadsheet Is Surprisingly Simple To Be Made

This is the ultimate expense tracking spreadsheet that I have built over the year based on Google Sheets. I call it the ultimate spreadsheet because it can automatically perform a lot of things. With this latest version, it is so easy to use that I actually enjoy entering the expense records (the real version I use I just copy entries from my credit card’s web report) and immediately knowing summarised reports. This is what the spreadsheet can do: One simple range to enter detailed record of expenses. No need to change formula in other sheets to see the result once setup. Automatically extract all Unique Categories from detailed records Automatically extract all Unique Payment Accounts from detailed records. Automatically extract all Unique Vendors from detailed records. Automatically summarise amount by Categories and by Month Automatically summarise amount by Payment Account and by Month Automatically summarise amount by Vendor and by Month If you have a bit of a hard tim