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This Fully Automated Expense Spreadsheet Is Surprisingly Simple To Be Made

This is the ultimate expense tracking spreadsheet that I have built over the year based on Google Sheets. I call it the ultimate spreadsheet because it can automatically perform a lot of things. With this latest version, it is so easy to use that I actually enjoy entering the expense records (the real version I use I just copy entries from my credit card’s web report) and immediately knowing summarised reports. This is what the spreadsheet can do: One simple range to enter detailed record of expenses. No need to change formula in other sheets to see the result once setup. Automatically extract all Unique Categories from detailed records Automatically extract all Unique Payment Accounts from detailed records. Automatically extract all Unique Vendors from detailed records. Automatically summarise amount by Categories and by Month Automatically summarise amount by Payment Account and by Month Automatically summarise amount by Vendor and by Month If you have a bit of a hard tim

Use this code to get $50 bonus with the best online bank account in Canada

Today I have tried out applying for an online bank account with in Canada. The whole experience is a rather nice one. As a technologist, I have been talking about branchless online banking since mid 1990s. Technologies was not yet ready back then. Frankly I have always been perfectly ok with traditional banking. There was very little need or motivation to open up a new account for the sake of doing everyday banking. Well, I have moved to Canada recently and is open to a new banking services. Canada's banks usually have some kind of annual fees or transaction fee. I am so not used to this because I have been spoiled by Hong Kong's banking services where everything, well almost, is free of charges. Now that I am back to Canada, I am not very use to the heavy service fee from banks just to open up an account. The service they are providing is nothing special compare to the services I have been receiving from Hong Kong's banks. So I have to do some research to