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Japanese company likes to beat Google Glass with a competitive device launched earlier than Google Glass.

Japanese entrepreneur Takahito Iguchi has created a wareable computer like Google Glass. The device is called Telepathy One. The founder Iguchi aims to use the device to share what one person sees through the device in real time.  Iguchi aims to launch the Telepathy before Google Glass. With all advance development with computing technology and open source software and operating system, creating the entry barrier in creating a SmartDevice is getting lower and lower. That makes business competition harder and harder these days. The game is no longer only for the giant like Apple and Google anymore.

Company Strategic Development through differentiation: Samsung Galaxy vs. Sony Experia

Sony Experia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy Note The announcement of Samsung G4 and Samsung Note 8.0 LTE reminds me my recent personal experiences in switching from my old Samsung Note to Sony Experia Z phone. After I switched to Sony, I realize that Samsung has really done a lot on the "soft-power" side of the phone. Comparing to Sony's new flagship smartphone Experia Z, all I really get is an impression of nice solid hardware body but I cannot tell you what's so special about Sony's implementation of Android. Comparing with Samsung Galaxy Note, the differences are very obvious. Do allow me to list them out: Samsung has its' very own App Store. In fact, in Hong Kong, Samsung office has proactive approached my company to recruit our Apps in Samsung's App store. They have invested dedicated App Acquisition team in offices around the world. Samsung Galaxy Memo App with the Stylus pen makes a great integration of software and hardware. Samsung has a larger coll

Twitter Music = New business from Twitter's infrastructure and CRM strategy?

Twitter has just launched Twitter Music today. It is available in US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on iOS app. It will soon be available on Android and on Web ( ). Back in 2009 I said Twitter was kind of like an SMS (do you still remember? It stands for Short Messaging System?) but I was wrong. It's actually a Personalized Broadcasting System because whatever you twitted can be followed by anyone and you have not much control about it. SMS is a one-to-one communication system.  I have written a blog post ( Twitter the new hot property on the web ) about Twitter back in 2009 comparing it with Facebook. I said that Twitter had kept it's user interface as simple as possible so they could build business on top of the communication channel. It seems a bit long but now they are now finally building Music business on top of it. (They have Vine too for video) I am not sure other specialized business Twitter has built so far but music i

Strategic Questions in Product Innovation!

I was reading an article about rumor of iPad Mini 2 from International Business Times ( mentioning typical wishes of what consumers like to see in the new iPad Mini 2.  The list reflect average consumers focus on "more" on the hardware specification and pricing: Lightweight and portable Robust system and memory  Retina display Reasonable pricing Faster access to WiFi settings, battery/power management  This list is quite typical and very consumer oriented! It is obvious that device manufacturers have to continuously improve in these areas. If a manufacturer of product focus only on these items we are pretty sure that the company will be gone sometimes in future because they focuses on the ironic and bleeding part of strategies : provide more and charge less. Impactful strategic win usually does not come from such increase in hardware specification. I am not against it but it's only foundational and kind of like a must do thing in your business plan

Market Your Business via Creating Your Own Digital Magazine

One of the most commonly used technology for average business is for marketing. While businesses can always develop mega marketing campaigns that span across multiple channels, they cannot do it all year long every day. It is important to find cost effective way to manage the sales and marketing aspect of your business on a day-to-day scale. One of the most effective way is content marketing. Many of my advertisers pay much money to media company to help them to write Advertorial as a way to increase their credibility and authority or to engage to their target customers through stories instead of simple push oriented advertising campaign. This is a proven way of cost effective marketing techniques even among the big boys. On a more humble level (ie you don't have the big budget to buy expensive Advertorial!) It would be good that your small team (or even yourself) to create your very own magazine so that you can promote your products and services to drive sales leads. You can