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Consolidate all your e-mail to one account!

Many of us have many email accounts for personal and works. To read all these e-mails become a pain in the neck. For me, I have consolidate all of them into one gmail account for many years now. I have never really needed to switch to read personal or work emails and it's a one step approach to clear all my mails. One of my colleagues just discovered that I have done so and he has followed my approach. So far he is loving it. I thought I might share it with you and it will make my day a happy one. I use gmail but I think you can also apply the concept in Hotmail or other similar web mail of your choice. Here are the main steps: 1) Authorize your master gmail account (let's call it Master) to "Send As" your other email. 2) [a] Setup the master gmail to receive other emial through the pop3 access or [b] Simply set up an auto/all email transfer in the other email account to your  master account. Make sure that your mails are DELETED after download or forwarded in

My first painting with Samsung Galaxy Note

Just got my Samsung Galaxy Note (Android) a few days ago. This is my very first painting using the painting app "S Memo" that comes with the device. Not bad. I like, however, AutoDesk SketchBook app better cause it's much more packed with features. Anyway, I like the new Samsung Galaxy Note very much after a few days of using it.
Suddenly I remember a funny video of baby driving in womb. I saw that in 1990...may be 2000. I thought I may find it in YouTube. Guess what, first search in Google I found the video. Amazing Internet! Here is the video I like to share with you. Have a laugh!, It's Sunday in Hong Kong. It's a good day!