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4 steps to Interview for a new Industry

Peter, a much younger friend of mine, asked me how I interviewed for job opportunity of a new industry that I did not have experience at all. Apparently he paid attention to our earlier conversation about my switch of industry from IT vendor to a dotcom online advertising company and at the same time with a change of role from sales to product development management position. I told him that it was not a sudden change and that I did possess much experience and skills that was transferrable across industry. I was also "old enough" to have accumulated different kinds of experiences from different roles. My earlier technical (programming) background also helped to convince my employer then that I could handle more than just sales function. In a nutshell, I was ready when the opportunity was presented to me. There was no magical technique for a super interview. Peter, however, was not satisfied with my answer. He was looking for how I prepared for an interview for a job

Two facebook features that can harm your personal brand image.

“What group is it that you have jointed on facebook?” asked my wife couple of nights ago. I was very puzzled because I did not join any group on facebook. I actually did not login at all on such day. So I went on to facebook to see why I joined a group without my knowledge. Only then I discovered that this is a standard function in a group that any member in the group can add his friend without his consensus to a group. Facebook would sent an email to the guy being added about this action so he can exit the group should he decide to do so. This is annoying because my friend could have seen it in their e-mail just like my wife did before I have a chance to react. It’s really not a good feature as we could easily be added by some owner/member of a group who’s trying to expand his or her facebook group and don't really care about if it is matching your interest or not. Subsequently when I login to facebook to learn more about the group, I felt even more annoyed two nights ago.

Today is a good day!

The year was 2002. I was laid off. I dropped from the very top of my career due to post dot-com crashes economic down turn. Several months later in Apr l 2003 came SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) the virus hitting Hong Kong causing the whole town to idle. At the time my daughter was 2 years old. My mother-in-law was supposed to help us to take care of her before I was laid off and before our first maid arrived Hong Kong. Suddenly my mother-in-law was sick and had to stay in hospital for a period of time despite her sickness was not something serious. My wife had to work. I was the only one who can stay home to take care of my daughter. I couldn't go out to interview for jobs. I recall that I was trying to do telephone interview instead but my daughter was pulling my leg trying to play with me while I was on a phone interview. Guess what, the phone interview was not successful cause the potential employer at the time felt my lacking of focus. It was a tough time. I felt

My mom is a fighter!

Just went to Canada for a two weeks summer family vacation. One of the main things about this trip was visiting my mom, who's 93 years old. I haven't seen her for couple of years. During these 2 years, my mom has aged quite rapidly and starting to not to be able to think clearly nor walk steadily. However, she refused (or forgot...may be) to sit on a wheel chair and refused to use her walker. As a result, she had fallen many times which often resulted in visits to the hospital for stitches and x-ray for bone fracture. In the last two years my family in Canada had sent me e-mail with picture and YouTube video of her injuries and stitches. Naturally those of us in Hong Kong worried about her. So I went to see my mom in Toronto a month ago with my wife and my daughter. When my mom first saw me, she had to struggle to recall from her memory of who I was. Fortunately she did remember me. Thank god! And she recognized my daughter who's 9 and a half year old. As to my wife,

Good Morning

I always forget something when I go to work in the morning. Sometimes it's my keys. Sometimes it's my glasses. Sometimes it' know what I mean. Well, guess what...I didn't miss anything today. In fact I have surpassed my standard today (see photo). This morning is a great one. I can also use some great coffee too.