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Pre-paid product package = shaky business?

I just had a Chinese herb and turtle pudding. The sales lady was doing such hard job in promoting a pre-paid package to me despite of my gentle rejection to her. It's like I have to have Chinese Herb everyday for the next 3 months or something. Such annoying experience. I always feel suspicious why a company wants to discount their product and push me to buy large volume of products. Not that I don't understand the "volume-discount" concept but I don' t fell comfortable with the "Future-Volume-discount". Especially for companies with a non-basic needs (like many Chinese Herbs, Yoga, Yogurt shops and Beauty other services). If these companies have more business than they can produce, they probably would not sell these pre-paid volume package at discount because it means unnecessary discount and lesser revenue. On a positive perspective, these companies simply drive consumer to buy more than they need. Nothing's wrong with this until they