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Happy New Year 2012!

Consolidate all your e-mail to one account!

Many of us have many email accounts for personal and works. To read all these e-mails become a pain in the neck. For me, I have consolidate all of them into one gmail account for many years now. I have never really needed to switch to read personal or work emails and it's a one step approach to clear all my mails. One of my colleagues just discovered that I have done so and he has followed my approach. So far he is loving it. I thought I might share it with you and it will make my day a happy one. I use gmail but I think you can also apply the concept in Hotmail or other similar web mail of your choice. Here are the main steps: 1) Authorize your master gmail account (let's call it Master) to "Send As" your other email. 2) [a] Setup the master gmail to receive other emial through the pop3 access or [b] Simply set up an auto/all email transfer in the other email account to your  master account. Make sure that your mails are DELETED after download or forwarded in

My first painting with Samsung Galaxy Note

Just got my Samsung Galaxy Note (Android) a few days ago. This is my very first painting using the painting app "S Memo" that comes with the device. Not bad. I like, however, AutoDesk SketchBook app better cause it's much more packed with features. Anyway, I like the new Samsung Galaxy Note very much after a few days of using it.
Suddenly I remember a funny video of baby driving in womb. I saw that in 1990...may be 2000. I thought I may find it in YouTube. Guess what, first search in Google I found the video. Amazing Internet! Here is the video I like to share with you. Have a laugh!, It's Sunday in Hong Kong. It's a good day!

Solar Panel and Environment

I cannot agree more when I read a piece of Reader's comment submitted to South China Morning Post today. The topic "Solar panel subsidy a good idea". The reader supports the Hong Kong Government's proposal on providing subsidy to Taxi installing a solar powered air conditioning system to help keep the temperature cool in hot summer condition while the engine is turned off during waiting time. This is a very good solution to the problem base on the assumption that such technology is ready. I am no expert in Solar panel technologies. I have to say that I have doubt about whether the technology is mature enough to convert Sun power into sufficient level of electric power stored in the rechargeable technology. I have doubt about the pollution generated in the process of generating the solar cells and the rechargeable batteries that the toxic or hard to degrade wastes may cause more losses than gains. However, I have faith that we will get the technology to some ready p

Angusih over the Chines Girl hit by minivan and ignored by passers-by.

Wong Yue, the poor 2 years old girl in Foshan got hit by a minivan but was ignored by passers-by and lead to a second hit by another truck, died yesterday. What tragedy! But what's more behind the tragedy is the horrible cool blooded culture in part of the China. The Guangdong party boss Wang Yang said in a high-level provincial meeting that this tragedy should be a "wake-up call" for society. People all over the world forwarded and criticized about this incident and.they have every right to do so. So what's the big deal about the rapid growth of the China's economy in the two decades and some childish claim about "China can say no!" kind of rubbish talk. We cannot even maintain proper humanity in a part of a town that is not in distressed situation. With all the talk about deep China culture, the Confucius' advocating of kindness and everything, many people in China are no more developed than some simple out-dated villages. We don't walk

Accept who you are, integrate with your community and be happy!

I post my painting on the blog and also on my facebook and linkedin. Sharing my amateur paintings with others is not something I am comfortable with. Sharing them on the public internet is even more mentally challenging. Call me old fashion, shy or stubborn. I think of such sharing as "show off", "egoistic" or other more negative side of sharing. Why do I do it? I do that to confront my own fear of failure. There is nothing more brutal than facing people negative comment about ones' work, especially those comments relate to deep personal level like "artistic talent". By sharing my painting on the net, I post a challenge to myself and to "force" myself to improve as people give me criticism and comments. I was hoping that I could also get into discussion with others and learn through trial and error. Now that I have done it by sharing my paintings on the net, I actually feel more comfortable these days. Hilariously it's not a result of

Painting of Koi

Water Color Painting of Koi Couldn't sleep last night. So I thought why not do something I wanted to try for a long time, that is, to draw a picture of Koi. It was a real challenge for me cause I have never done it before nor am I experienced enough with the characteristics of watercolor. I am still very much a pencil sketching guy. Somehow I struggle and get it done just like the other watercolor paintings I have done. Turn out to be ok as I really have to remind myself that this is the first time I try. To be fair I have been watching how other people paint on TV all my live. Now with the power of internet and YouTube, I can watch more demonstrations, more easily and more frequently. Thus I have my share of my help to come up with this very first watercolor painting of Koi. I am happy to see the result. It's a good day for me.

4 steps to Interview for a new Industry

Peter, a much younger friend of mine, asked me how I interviewed for job opportunity of a new industry that I did not have experience at all. Apparently he paid attention to our earlier conversation about my switch of industry from IT vendor to a dotcom online advertising company and at the same time with a change of role from sales to product development management position. I told him that it was not a sudden change and that I did possess much experience and skills that was transferrable across industry. I was also "old enough" to have accumulated different kinds of experiences from different roles. My earlier technical (programming) background also helped to convince my employer then that I could handle more than just sales function. In a nutshell, I was ready when the opportunity was presented to me. There was no magical technique for a super interview. Peter, however, was not satisfied with my answer. He was looking for how I prepared for an interview for a job

Two facebook features that can harm your personal brand image.

“What group is it that you have jointed on facebook?” asked my wife couple of nights ago. I was very puzzled because I did not join any group on facebook. I actually did not login at all on such day. So I went on to facebook to see why I joined a group without my knowledge. Only then I discovered that this is a standard function in a group that any member in the group can add his friend without his consensus to a group. Facebook would sent an email to the guy being added about this action so he can exit the group should he decide to do so. This is annoying because my friend could have seen it in their e-mail just like my wife did before I have a chance to react. It’s really not a good feature as we could easily be added by some owner/member of a group who’s trying to expand his or her facebook group and don't really care about if it is matching your interest or not. Subsequently when I login to facebook to learn more about the group, I felt even more annoyed two nights ago.

Today is a good day!

The year was 2002. I was laid off. I dropped from the very top of my career due to post dot-com crashes economic down turn. Several months later in Apr l 2003 came SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) the virus hitting Hong Kong causing the whole town to idle. At the time my daughter was 2 years old. My mother-in-law was supposed to help us to take care of her before I was laid off and before our first maid arrived Hong Kong. Suddenly my mother-in-law was sick and had to stay in hospital for a period of time despite her sickness was not something serious. My wife had to work. I was the only one who can stay home to take care of my daughter. I couldn't go out to interview for jobs. I recall that I was trying to do telephone interview instead but my daughter was pulling my leg trying to play with me while I was on a phone interview. Guess what, the phone interview was not successful cause the potential employer at the time felt my lacking of focus. It was a tough time. I felt

My mom is a fighter!

Just went to Canada for a two weeks summer family vacation. One of the main things about this trip was visiting my mom, who's 93 years old. I haven't seen her for couple of years. During these 2 years, my mom has aged quite rapidly and starting to not to be able to think clearly nor walk steadily. However, she refused (or forgot...may be) to sit on a wheel chair and refused to use her walker. As a result, she had fallen many times which often resulted in visits to the hospital for stitches and x-ray for bone fracture. In the last two years my family in Canada had sent me e-mail with picture and YouTube video of her injuries and stitches. Naturally those of us in Hong Kong worried about her. So I went to see my mom in Toronto a month ago with my wife and my daughter. When my mom first saw me, she had to struggle to recall from her memory of who I was. Fortunately she did remember me. Thank god! And she recognized my daughter who's 9 and a half year old. As to my wife,

Good Morning

I always forget something when I go to work in the morning. Sometimes it's my keys. Sometimes it's my glasses. Sometimes it' know what I mean. Well, guess what...I didn't miss anything today. In fact I have surpassed my standard today (see photo). This morning is a great one. I can also use some great coffee too.

Pre-paid product package = shaky business?

I just had a Chinese herb and turtle pudding. The sales lady was doing such hard job in promoting a pre-paid package to me despite of my gentle rejection to her. It's like I have to have Chinese Herb everyday for the next 3 months or something. Such annoying experience. I always feel suspicious why a company wants to discount their product and push me to buy large volume of products. Not that I don't understand the "volume-discount" concept but I don' t fell comfortable with the "Future-Volume-discount". Especially for companies with a non-basic needs (like many Chinese Herbs, Yoga, Yogurt shops and Beauty other services). If these companies have more business than they can produce, they probably would not sell these pre-paid volume package at discount because it means unnecessary discount and lesser revenue. On a positive perspective, these companies simply drive consumer to buy more than they need. Nothing's wrong with this until they


原詩:宮澤賢治 詞:潘源良 曲:鄧志偉 我們不要輸給雨 我們不要輸給風 我們不要輸給心痛 經過炎夏經過寒冬 經過地裂與海湧 世界並沒有不同 西邊母親有倦容 東邊有生病孩童 南方有生命快告終 北方如果發生甚麼 讓我不分輕與重 四面八方把愛送 不需要別人稱讚 也不須憂心忡忡 我只想把我的愛轉化成行動 沒有貪念也不生氣 冷靜從容 希望給你一些幫助 告訴你我懂 我們都不要輸給雨 不要輸給風 儘管前路多朦朧 地球一個角落讓我棲身其中 願身體健康 省吃儉用 彼此更包容 不需要別人稱讚 也不須憂心忡忡 我只想把我的愛轉化成行動 沒有貪念也不生氣 冷靜從容 希望給你一些幫助 告訴你我懂 我們不要輸給雨 我們不要輸給風 微笑了解在其中 原野松林海洋草叢 每顆心靈的悸動 才是最貴重 其它一切 是一場夢 Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8


昨日傳來曰本仙台8.9級大地震,感覺很震驚!在此為災難遇害者及家人至上哀悼,願去者得安息,其親友及其他人順利再建家園。 上星期剛在讀一本有關孔子儒家的書,了解到儒家學說中視宇宙變易是生命中的事實。雖然接受像曰本這種天災只是宇宙窮滄易變是事實好像很冷的一種態度,但是這也是為生存者生存下去而設的一種心法。 但人非草木,我們是人,有感情有靈性,不可能在這情況下沒有感覺,而不理會内在的悲痛亦只增加壓力,只會令人將來更痛!儒家亦講仁心,說人有仁心,有感通之性,我們用仁心突破個體形軀之私,與物通情。我們應該為日本的情況而感同身受! 儒家重禮節,而其中有喪禮,過程注重在世者對離世者的尊敬及思莫。但亦有提及禮完後人應收拾哀痛之心再向前進。相信日本能夠很快便重建家園。 昨日午飯時(日本地震前)剛巧跟一位新相識的朋友誤以為在911時已認識,所以當年911時晚上與太太看著電視的感覺又再被勾起!午飯後回公司便知道曰本的事了。人生在世,的確世事難了!所以近年我更覺得時間寶貴,應珍惜眼前人物,也應盡力去好好生活,發揮我們的潛能。所以我對儒家的「學而時習之」的感受特別深刻,生命時間有限,在世時應盡力去做!此之為盡心才可知性,盡性才可知天! 願日本在災難遇害者安息,生還者盡快過渡哀嚎之情,堅強地重建家園! Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7