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Free Download - Auto 3 year calendar excel spreadsheet

I needed a 3 year one page planner to help me to run my business. One that I can make format changes and can compare week by week and year on year basis. So I have created one with Excel. The excel spreadsheet is automatic. Once we enter the start year say "2009" in the one and only input field, the rest of the calendar can be automatically generated. You can download it here . Hope you enjoy it!

Adam Chan and Eve Li

"If Adam and Eve were Chinese, we would still be in paradise because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the snake...." That's a joke quoted by my friends on facebook.

Happiness, Balance and Progress

One of my friends updated her status on the facebook with "Remember that...frankly...I just wanted to be happy in the first place". I have no idea why she got so sentimental all of a sudden cause she seems to be a happy person to me. Another friend constantly expressing her view on how her boss has been wrong and, in fact, so many other people should have done things the different ways (her ways). She also smiles all the time but deep down she is not exactly a happy soul. Being happy is such a common wish for all of us but many of us seem to have forgotten about it when we charge forward in our career in today's highly competitive world! People say "let go", "forgive", "forget", "take it easy" and other "Zen" stuff to achieve happiness. I agree. However, in most cases it is at the expense of the progress. I remember one of my friends (a decade ago in the last millennium....sounds like such long time ago lol) told me that

Forest in Fall - Pastel pencil painting

My first painting using pastel pencil. Learned the techniques from watching YouTube. One of the most important value of Internet is about information at figure tips! For people like me who has been procrastinating for decades to go to classes to learning painting, Internet is really heaven. Just go on to Youtube and, wa la, the demonstration is there! No need to register, travel or wait to go the class. You can also do it whenever you are free (I watched the video at 1:00am when my family was sound asleep!)

Orchid in Poster Color

This Easter Holiday in Hong Kong really gives me a chance to get away from my job. Spending couple of hours to paint this picture of Orchid got my mind cleared from just about everything other than painting this picture. Picture was done with poster color and color pencil with, again, photos found from Internet.

Painting - Water mill

5 days off in a roll with the Easter Holiday. Our family has no travelling plan but just to stay home to take a rest. I found some quiet time at night alone with wife and daughter sound asleep couple of nights ago. A good chance to do one more practice of watercolor painting. Again, the internet offered endless supplies of photo. I found a good photo of water mill from google search and made a painting out of it. The real picture's color is much less strong compare to the image posted here. The reason is that I used my Nikon D40 camera to take the picture and used Photoshop to corp the picture. The lighting condition was not good when I take the picture. So I used Photoshop to make some adjustment. It turns out that the adjusted picture's color is a lot more vivid than the original one. I have tried a few setting and could not simulate near the original painting. So may as well use the auto-leveled one from Photoshop! Enjoy. Next time I will try to be more bold