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Hong Kong = Fastest Economy - 15 years in a row.

Hong Kong ranks first as the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom for the 15th consecutive year by the U.S. Heritage Foundation. In details: 1. First in trade freedom, investment freedom and financial freedom. 2. Top 10 in business freedom, monetary freedom and property rights. Our strengths, according to the report: 1. Income and corporate tax rates were very competitive. 2. Overall all taxation was relatively small as a percentage of GDP. The top 10 on the 2009 index of Economic Freedom (and scores out of 100) Country Index Scores Hong Kong 90 Singapore 87.1 Australia 82.6 Ireland 82.2 New Zealand 82 US 80.7 Canada 80.5 Denmark 79.6 Switzerland 79.4 UK 79 Congratulation Hong Kong! Let's keep up our momentum. 2010 Index will be a challenge cause it will be including the impact of the financial crisis. We need to try our best.