About Me

I am a guy who has worked in the IT, Telecommunications and Traditional and Digital Media since 1990s. I started as software developer and switched into sales and market roles in telecommunications, enterprise solutions (selling computers and enterprise software) and eventually ventured into the media industry due to the internet boom.

Since 2001 I have held various general management positions for managing both print classified ad and online directory businesses such as the Hong Kong Yellow Pages, Career Times of Hong Kong Economic Times and Classified Post of South China Morning Post.  In each ventures I have learned a lot about organisation behaviour in the process of legacy transformation. As I helped traditional customer to adopt new technologies and print media companies to adopt new technologies, I have come to seriously appreciate the strong taste of disruptive technologies at work.

Today I focus in leveraging my knowledge of technologies and experiences in management to help me to invest, mostly, in technologies related sectors in US market.

This blog is just a place for me to share stuff for fun and relaxation mostly. I also use it as an open note pad for my investment learning (which is interesting and fun for my taste). Please note that I do not advice people for investment and everything I write in this blog is straightly for my own investment purpose only. Please also excuse my spelling errors and grammatical mistakes for I only write blog to reflect my thinking at the same time I am doing my investment research.

Have fun reading my blog and drop me a few notes if you like.

Stanley Suen

P.S. Please don't try to insert your hyperlink into my blog's comment for your SEO project.