Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Georgia Run Off Election and Green Energy

Georgia Run Off Election and Green Energy

The market is eyeing on the Senate runoff election in Georgia. It will determine if the Biden administration is effective in pursuing its preferred economic policies. Trump's "find votes" telephone call is really just a drama but I believe that he really has not much power at this moment to overturn the election. The real implication is really if we will be having an effective Senate going forward. Green Energy and Infrastructure are two main sectors that will be impacted. 

Given the latest global support from many countries including China to pursue net-zero carbon objectives, Green Energy is gaining global momentum. Furthermore, Green Energy is a technology movement more than a political movement. I don't think anyone will reject Green Energy if it becomes a viable option. Given the momentum and market focus on EV, Batteries, Solar, Hydrogen Cell and so forth, positive development is bound to happen because I have faith in human endeavor.

As to the infrastructure policy to stimulate the economy for the US, the chance is that the western democratic and political structure is not going to encourage long term strategy easily no matter democratic or republican. I am not going to put any focus on this.

For now, I believe that green energy will continue to be accelerate!