Thursday, August 29, 2019

What to do if you don't have SEO expert assistant?

8/29/2019 11:54:00 AM

There are gremlins working behind the Google Search Engine 24x7 to read and rank your website. Just kidding!

What really happened is that Google develop a separate server-side software called the "Crawler" or the "Search bot" that crawl through the web through the hyperlinks embedded in each site. The crawler discover the websites and recording it in their database. The another software will read the website's content, technical integrity test the website's performance and other various technical aspects to rank if the website is good enough for recommendation to reader and is relevant to what keywords or key phrase.

There are so many websites, so many words within each website and then so many ways readers will search. Obviously even as mighty as Google computing power it cannot be done in real time. And most of the time there is no need to be real time cause most contents are statics. So Google needs to read ahead and scan each and every word on the site. In the process it "rank" how important each word within the webpage and store it in its database. This is a process called indexing. The software that does indexing is called the Indexing Engine.

We don't need to drill into too much in technical details how Google's internal process work but it's more important to understand what Google's Search Engine (or the Indexing Engine) considers as a good website and how it reads the website. Fortunately the concept behind the indexing engine is rather common sense and easily be understood. Basically what Google wants is to provide good, original and relevant information to its reader. And Google only wants to relevant users to website that performs fast and well layout. Since it is a lot easier to read the content in the form of text, the search engine prefers website with longer articles than short ones.

Google does indexing with some kind of "formula" or "algorithm" so that the process can be automated. Things get complicated when everybody tried to do dirty SEO to fool the indexing engine for higher ranking against certain keywords. So the fight between the indexing engine from those who tried to fool it is an ongoing process. The "tricks" of fooling the search engine never really last. So those who invest money and resources in the tricks are easily wasted over a period of time.

Since we want long lasting effect, we should put the highest priority on good quality contents that are original, unique and comprehensive. There are many technical aspects we do have to be careful with. For example, where to put the most relevant information at the specific location within the webpage and how to emphasis the relevant contents via HTML markup are important to properly communicate with Google what you think your website is about. However, not everyone is a HTML designer or programmer. When you don't have the necessary resources, simply focus on writing good articles that are worth reading by your target customers or readers. This will help you to win a good majority of the war. When you write make sure that:

You have a fair size content, say 800 words or more.
Make sure that you use the keywords you believe people will search and find your web page. But don't over do it by repeating it artificially. If you do you will be penalised by negative score by Google's indexing engine.
If you have images or videos, make sure you have caption, alt-text or title field in the <img/> html tag filled up.
Do hyperlink your other related articles in your article so to guide search engine to discover your other information.
Once you have finished writing and posted your content on to the website, the simplest thing we can do without much technical expert's assistant is to promote your content via sharing on social media. Do share or ask your someone to help share your content on the following social media:

  • Facebook (ideally as public post),
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest,
  • Instagram,
  • Other old fashioned discussion forum (be careful not to spam them on irrelevant topic)

Make sure you don't spam people because they can mark you as spammer. If you get marked it will be rather hard to recover to the clean state.