Thursday, August 29, 2019

SEO is dead! Really?

8/29/2019 11:53:00 AM

SEO IS DEAD! People say this all the time. I don't agree.

As long as the world has not yet discovered a new say of discover contents other than search engine, Search Engine Optimisation is going to stay because we do want to let the search engine to know our contents.

SEO AS WE KNEW IT IS DEAD! That's true. That's always true. What's dead are old techniques that worked for earlier Search Engine, perhaps more precisely, the old way search engine crawl the internet and rank the contents on the websites.

The truth is that everything as we knew it is likely dead anyway as the world changes, for better or for the worse. We just need to make sure that the way we do thing adopts to the bigger context. The world is full of competition from all kind of people. For the sheer force of competition, people will always change their strategies or tactics so that they can win over their competitors. So as long as Search Engine is the way content is discovered, there will be people trying to fool or please the way Search Engine rank sites and contents. It's not like the Google search engine team is trying to change the way their indexing system works for the sake of it. It's really the website owners overwhelmingly trying to fool or please the index engine. So one can say that as long as there are people competing for something, the way of doing things will always change. So SEO AS WE KNEW IT IS ALWAYS DEAD!

So much for the obvious point for those who get it. I guess the real take away from this blog post is that:
  • Something will always change:
    Indexing engine's technical preferences (Site performance, Contents, Content's markup, Cross Linking and so forth) will change. Site owner will need to learn and adapt, always.
  • Something will always be the core:
    Contents, that is for the good and evergreen content, will likely to continue to score well.
If you are starting new in doing SEO and don't even know how to plan for a SEO strategies, I would recommend you to focus on writing good content.  I believe good content by itself will help you to win 80% of what realistically can be achieved.