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Use this code to get $50 bonus with the best online bank account in Canada

Today I have tried out applying for an online bank account with in Canada. The whole experience is a rather nice one. As a technologist, I have been talking about branchless online banking since mid 1990s. Technologies was not yet ready back then. Frankly I have always been perfectly ok with traditional banking. There was very little need or motivation to open up a new account for the sake of doing everyday banking. Well, I have moved to Canada recently and is open to a new banking services. Canada's banks usually have some kind of annual fees or transaction fee. I am so not used to this because I have been spoiled by Hong Kong's banking services where everything, well almost, is free of charges. Now that I am back to Canada, I am not very use to the heavy service fee from banks just to open up an account. The service they are providing is nothing special compare to the services I have been receiving from Hong Kong's banks. So I have to do some research to