Friday, June 22, 2018

An IT View of Human Evolution

An IT View of Human Evolution

Gordon Moore, the guy who's ideas ultimately became "Moore's law", had a vision of a future back in 1965 where “integrated circuits [would] lead to such wonders as home computers … automatic controls for automobiles, and personal portable communications equipment.” This is great insight even back in 1965 realised today. If computing was the major trend from 60s to today, what will it be like from this point forward?

For my career in IT & media and personal investment, I have been constantly search for businesses enabled by technologies to compete (now the new terms disrupt) with competitors. At first I looked for the player who could really drive a lot of revenue and profit from other players. In the process I had to think how technologies will transform business, industry practices and cut away old and inefficient practice. If there is one trend I can observe since my career started in 80's, computers are getting more and more powerful while the size of the computer is getting smaller and smaller. Network came along. Initially it was proprietary Local Area Network and Wide Area Network but open standard Internet came alone and make every computing devices working together! Now we have the terms IoT, Cloud connected by Internet and AI. These are the new factors that will significantly transform our future.

While the spirit of Moore's Law will likely continue, I believe that IT technologies will continue to integrate with every aspect with our lives. Actually, I should say that technologies will even "deeply integrate" with us human in a personal level, literally into our body.

Today we are already a super-informed human with our mobile phone accessing the vast library of information via internet. Real time information is not only helping us in our daily tasks but it also transforming us as we learn more knowledge. I have learned more efficiently with Web, YouTube and eBook than my younger days in university. Who knows what will happen to us when we become so knowledgable some days in future. One possibility: our head become so big that we look like ET.

Coming back to Earth, I think technologies will no doubt continue to integrate with us in a personal level.  It's actually fun to think about stuff like this to a degree that I have to put it down in a drawing. I call the stages "The Evolution of Human". It should have been the "The Tech Enabled Evolution of Human" but keeping it simple and shorter is better. The process is nothing new. I am sure we have seen all these stages in characters and in sci fi fantasies. I just want to put them in an order that I can share.

I believe that as bio-engineering technologies advance, it will seriously merge with IT technologies. Soon we will be ditching our phone and switch to something less cumbersome to carry: Wearable AR with voice input and augmented reality displayed on the glasses we are wearing. Soon we will ditch the wearable and simply plug in the chip into our mind. The chip will be powered by the electricity generated from our body and directly take queries and supplies information (from internet) from our thoughts. This may still be far away from my gut feel but it looks more and more closer to us as I learn about the research people are doing on brain. Listen to the following interview from new startup focusing on connecting AI via plugging in into our brain.

With insights we learned about how our brain interface, we probably can create something that interfaces with us with less intrusive way. We beam the wireless signal directly in and out of our brain through radio wave ( or subspace channel whatever it is). Perhaps we need to re-engineer ourselves so we enhance our brain's wireless capability so we can better receive the signals anywhere on Earth?

Down the road into the fantasy lane, will we simply discard our body with biologically engineered body that is not only stronger and faster but as a super bio-computer itself. We simply put our brain into that bio-computing-robot? May be each of us will become a cpu power contributing node in a human-blockchain like network?

At this stage, I question if humanity as we know it exists? Perhaps in the far distant future, it's only the experience that we gain in our life time that counts. Our conscious can be uploaded, archived, cloned and even used as reusable codes in a cosmo scale network of "Artificial Intelligent". Human become formless. We exists as pattern of energy formed by our conscious and knowledge. Without such form, perhaps we can roam free even if the Universe ends!

It's a lot of fun to write post like this. I just get lost in the process. However, if I were to be more serious about how technologies impact us, I think it will only for the better as knowledge spread across the whole human race and more and more sicknesses are cured. Human will be more capable and we will be doing stuff that we never thought of. Old mundane job types get replaced by robots, we will be charging into the new areas of researches and exploring new areas in the vastly unexplored parts of the oceans and of course the space itself! In a more mass level, as we focus less on productions, we will be spending more time in engaging with each other for services, education and entertainment.

There is no free lunch. It does, however, require something from us. We have to be willing to change and embrace new job types and new forms of living otherwise we will only be getting the minimum pay. I think this is the real challenge for the mass today. I believe people get use to their way of living and stopped learning and exploring new possibilities. People will have to adapt and change as job types change. So before we transcend into cosmo spirit (kidding), we have to learn to living our lives to the fullness everyday. Instead of worrying about technologies taking our jobs, I think we should have fun and take benefits of what society advance has to offer to us!