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An IT View of Human Evolution

Gordon Moore, the guy who's ideas ultimately became "Moore's law", had a vision of a future back in 1965 where “integrated circuits [would] lead to such wonders as home computers … automatic controls for automobiles, and personal portable communications equipment.” This is great insight even back in 1965 realised today. If computing was the major trend from 60s to today, what will it be like from this point forward?

Bitcoin is not going to be your major currency anytime soon

Don't bet on bitcoin ever replacing the dollar or other traditional currencies as everyday money. Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) just released a negative report ( pdf )on Bitcoin. The report's authors were unimpressed with many fundamental design aspect of the cryptocurrencies. He went on making a strong statement saying that processing cryptocurrencies payment can potentially "bring the internet to a halt". I am very much in agreement with the report and have written a post " Crypto Currencies are not doing what they are supposed to do " earlier. Basically I believe the issue of crypto currencies are: Unlimited supplies Consume too much energy Transaction too slow Transaction cost too high Most people that I know involved with crypto are attracts by the potential gain of the currencies. They mind it or trade it as investment or speculative commodities. I may be bias here but none of my friends in both investmen

Natural Gas Prices Move Above $3

Natural Gas price moved up above $3 today. Due to a more bullish weather report and some pipeline explosion from Southern Star in Harvey County, Kansas. Natural Gas is a volatile commodity as you can see from the chart above. I don't trade them. In fact I don't call myself a trader. I just buy and hold mostly. Buy and holding something so volatile requires more than faith but reasons and strategic long term reasons. In the case of natural gas, I do find this sector a value play at this level from a rather long term perspective. I am quite bullish for long run for natural gas because it is the number one alternative to replace coal for power generation. It is a value play because major natural gas companies such as CHK, SWN and GPOR are all beaten up in such as sorrow stage. However, CHK just turn earning positive in recent quarters and has already rebounded more than 50%. The recent increase in oil price helped natural gas prices to stay afloat. As you know coal is not

What do we do when tech take up most of our jobs?

It seems that no worker are safe this week, blue or white collar included. Amazon has decided that machines are better than humans in doing their pricing strategies. Microsoft is working on technology that would eliminate cashiers and checkout lines from stores. Tesla is firing 9% of its workforce while emphasizing that production worker will NOT be impacted. Technology enabled automation is for sure eating our jobs. Hack it’s even eating the disruptor’s job positions. Yesterday I read an article arguing that AI is nowhere close to being here today to eat our jobs. I agree that AI is not yet matured enough but what’s rapidly erasing our jobs are not just AI. It’s plain old smart people using technologies to redesign processes. Take check out sensors taking away cashier’s job for example. Sensors and barcode scanner has been there for ages, it is not much of an AI. However, the whole DIY check out station design to let customer to guide customer to do the cashier’s task is simpl