Sunday, March 4, 2018

Technologies will improve our living environment

Technologies will improve our living environment I focus my investment on technologies related companies. The reason for this focus is not just because tech has been one of the most most performing sector, but because I believe human development is all about some form of technologies improvement.

From homosapiens to modern human, human has never been the strongest amongst the animal kingdom. Yet we rise to the top of the animal kingdom because we have been able to leverage technologies (as a tool) for enhanced productivity and to safe guard ourself from harmful factors from our environment. Not only that but we can do it in a mass scale. Human have been able to organise ourself in a team size of cities or nations which is is much larger than a pack of wolf. Now with internet as a communication tools, our coordination effort will be on a global scale.

Our only challenge is ourself. Our population will grow to be too big to manage if we are not careful. We will be so over populated in a way that we will simply destroy our habitats our lives depending on. I am, however, very positive about the future because I believe human is not so stupid. We will be looking for ways to support our mass population. I also believe, as a side note, that as our average life expectancy increases, our population growth rate will slow down. Eventually we will reach an equilibrium.  Anyway, I believe we are very well aware the challenges coming ahead of us and many technologies are being developed to provide a solution to these challenges. Just take couple of examples: Vertical Farming and Autonomous Vehicles. These two new trends share some commonalities:

  • Consume much less energy
  • Consume more green from of energy
  • Consume less natural resources.
  • Require much less human resources
  • Require much less real estate properties
These two trends demonstrates that we are not sitting duck and we will (have to) be coming up with better solutions for our future.  Technologies is at the core of human development. This is an investment theme which never go out of fashion. We just need to be wise to tell which technologies are really making an positive impact to our societies.