Google Sheets for Stock and Portfolio Monitoring

Google has recently redesigned the Google Finance site. They have not only disabled the portfolio function but also taken away the interactive chart function. By the look of the new site design, it is obviously not for the stock traders. It now emphasis news and contents. The charts are simple line charts only. The people in Google are obviously very smart people and I don't think they would have committed such large design error. On the other hand, I think it's more like a PR error as they have "misled" the market that this is an improvement but instead it's an "exit" from the portfolio and chart contents. If google has announced that they are existing it would have earned my respect cause I always think that stock quotation and charts are not advertising friendly content properties. Basically trader like me is simply not a good reader for advertisement filled contents.

Anyway, since Yahoo does not look to me like it's going to be strong for long term to go and other financial sites seem small and niche. I have decided to use Google Sheets for my own portfolio and list management. Hopefully Google won't take away the "=googlefinance()" from Google sheets soon like they have taken down the Google Finance api a few years ago.

Here is the link to my Google Sheets. Please enjoy.

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