Saturday, April 22, 2017

Unicode Special Character Table

Unicode Special Character Table

Unicode Special Characters are very useful graphical symbols that can add meaning and clarity to your text visually. Unicode Special Characters are used extensively today in Whatsapp, Messengers or in many social media app as "Symbols" to be inserted as part of your message text. With unicode characters, you can compose your interesting "text-image" like this:

...(=';'=) ~ Meow!
.../ *♥♥* \

Unfortunately these characters cannot be easily "typed" into your text through ordinary keyboard easily. In Words or other Word Processing software, you need to "Add Symbol" through the special function. If the software or text editor you are typing in does not have this function, you will need to either "type" the character in or Copy-And-Paste the character from elsewhere. In Windows you need to do Alt-X and followed by the Unicode in decimal format. In Mac, you need to add the "Unicode HEX Input" language then press-and-hold the Option Key while typing the "HEX code" of the character. In any case you need to know the unicode of character you want first.

Of course most of us don't remember the decimal code and hexadecimal code in our heart. There are 65,536 possible characters unicode and way too many to be looked up. I found that most of the special characters I need are contained between decimal number 8241 to 11093. So I have developed this lookup table so that I can always come back and easily look up the code of the character.

Each of the cell contains the Unicode Special Character followed by its associated decimal and hexadecimal code. You can either highlight the character to be copy-and-paste to your gmail, facebook, whatsapp or whatever app or website you are using.

You can access the table through the following button:

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Unicode Special Character Table