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Starting a directory of useful solutions and hacks

I was invited to speak to a group of friends to share my experiences for leveraging digital technologies to help their business or career. It's probably good to start a simple directory to organise the solutions and hacks that I share. Since this is a casual project, I believe it's actually better to start building this directory using Blogger platform (the site you are reading right now) instead of building it on a hosted WordPress or Drupal. With some proper planning of Blogger's Labels, Pages and Widgets, I believe that we can achieve a useful directory within my (this) personal blog. Each "listing" within the directory will actually be a blog post tagged with these labels. The first label I would create for the "Root Category" of the directory would be " #Directory ".

One simple reason Twitter cannot grow like Facebook.

Shares of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) have now lost more than $3 a share after the company's Q4 report. While the social media name again reported a non-GAAP bottom line beat, revenues widely missed expectations. The company was not able to take advantage of many big Q4 2016 events, putting into question the company's future. The handle #disaster certainly would be appropriate right now. Source: Seeking Alpha Twitter has announced one of the worst user and revenue growth performance today. Its' share price has dropped significantly. It's just common sense that Twitter's user base cannot grow much as compare to Facebook. Whatever you write and share on Twitter is meant for public to see. So Twitter is a Public Media Platform . It is meant for those people who like to write and share stuff for the public. That makes the targeted user base more a professional media people like reporter and journalists, Bloggers or, at the least, Digital Marketers. Twitter by nature is mea