Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This most ignored technique will speed up your learning on YouTube by folds

This most ignored technique will speed up your learning on YouTube by folds

I love Youtube. I have learned so many things from YouTube ranging from building a website with WordPress, drawing a picture with pencil pastel to even options trading technique.

In fact in my last start up, I built my company's website almost purely from watching videos on how to use Drupal, an open source CMS, to build a powerful contents website. I recalled that at the time when I decided to build the site on my own, I have watched basically more than a hundred YouTube videos of 10 to 20 minutes in length. Many of these videos needed to be watched and re-watched again to let the newly acquired knowledge sinks in.

Whenever I want to learn a new subject, I will go to YouTube to search if there are any relevant videos to acquire a quick initial set of foundational knowledge before before I dive into other more in depth media such as reports and books.  One of the things I hate the most is that many of these YouTube videos covers irrelevant information or simply off topic a lot,  with excessive lengthy introduction or simply too slow in pace.

Couple of months ago, I was watching YouTube video learning an advance topic on Options Trading at home. My teenage daughter happened to pass by and asked me what I was watching. We started chatting and I told her about how slow some of these videos are. Without thinking, my daughter told me:
You Can Watch YouTube at 1.5 times or 2 times the normal speed.
I am aware of this feature long time ago but have long forgotten about it. So with my daughter's reminder, I tried to watch the long and slow video I was watching in 2 times the speed. Actually 2 times the normal speed is not really that fast and can be listened and comprehend relatively easily in most cases. Now not only that I am able to cut my video watching time in half, I could focus much better too due to the faster speed video is less boring and also stimulates me to concentrate more. I can say that my learning speed has improved at least 2 times in most cases.

So now, whenever I watch some rather long and boring (but with important contents) in YouTube, I just change the speed to 1.5 or 2 times the normal speed. I will slow down to normal speed for parts of the video which deserve to watch in slower speed the second time or third time.

This is how you set the video speed: