Twitter's darkest hour is now

In late October, after his first full quarter running Twitter as CEO, Jack Dorsey and his executive team just couldn't shut up about Twitter Moments, a new curation tool intended to make the long struggling social network more appealing to new ... read full article on Mashable

Yeah Twitter has been a great social media tool. But competitions are fierce and in large quantities. It is at its darkest moment not just because of the stock price but because of the change in management executives. It seems every social media platform is trying to do other social media platform in terms of function and features. In simple terms, Social Media as a medium or communication tool is getting matured. That's why facebook is expanding to other area such as blogging and eCommerce. It's hard to tell how Twitter can structure a turn around and truly innovative and unique product. Every major turn around in companies is driven by change of talents within. It's rare to see executive who has succeeded in one paradigm be able to transform and reinvent themselves to take on the new paradigm. Let's see 

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