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Twitter's darkest hour is now

In late October, after his first full quarter running Twitter as CEO, Jack Dorsey and his executive team just couldn't shut up about Twitter Moments, a new curation tool intended to make the long struggling social network more appealing to new ... read full article on Mashable Yeah Twitter has been a great social media tool. But competitions are fierce and in large quantities. It is at its darkest moment not just because of the stock price but because of the change in management executives. It seems every social media platform is trying to do other social media platform in terms of function and features. In simple terms, Social Media as a medium or communication tool is getting matured. That's why facebook is expanding to other area such as blogging and eCommerce. It's hard to tell how Twitter can structure a turn around and truly innovative and unique product. Every major turn around in companies is driven by change of talents within. It's rare to see ex

Just 6 Seconds of Mindfulness Can Make You More Effective

I have stumble upon a very good article, which I totally agreed. To be productive, we need to focus instead of multitask. The number one challenge in focusing is our mindful of stuff, emotions and random thoughts. One must learn to clear your mind to gain the focus we need for productivity. This article from HBR reinforce my view. Some days it’s really draining to be a senior executive. You sit in meetings for hours on end, and every decision you need to make is difficult — all of the easy decisions have already been made at levels below you. On those days, you know you could be a much more effective leader if you could approach each meeting with a fresh perspective. But in order to do that, you first need to put down the baggage you carried in from all your previous meetings. You can do it. And you can do it in just six seconds. .... This skill is used by some of the world’s best athletes. For example, I once asked tennis superstar Novak Djokovic about it, and he confirmed th