7 Key Insights From A Great YouTube Videos for Content Marketing

With mobile devices and digital camera, production cost and speed is no longer an obstacle for businesses to directly produce content of the campaign for their marketing. With social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and others, even the distribution of content comes much more cheaply and conveniently. Businesses can launch powerful campaign any time and do not have to rely on costly media production and costly advertising channels. 

What's left for businesses to do is to produce good content for the campaign (or you can call it an advertisement). However, doing content for online marketing is not the same as doing advertising on TV. They are more like media editorial production of a media company. In the past, because of the high cost of limited airtime inventory for TV Ad, advertisements were squeezed into a 30 sec or even 10 sec video. The end result is, usually, not something nice to watch. However, with Internet's unlimited airtime and virtually free viral channels, marketer are free to communicate with their customers in much longer period. Of course with today's infinite number of information publishers and highly intelligent and spoiled readers, the number 1 challenge for marketers is to product good attractive contents. Engaging content can help carry the brand so to remind customers' your existence or to elevate your brand's position but first we have to have engaging contents. The above YouTube video is a great example from Singapore Airline. They provide a very nice and mind-hooking video about the making of the seat's models to project a brand image of customer care and attention to details is brilliant. Based on this video I like to highlight a few points about content marketing:
  1. The content provide a learning opportunity for readers. Those who likes to make models will love to watch.
  2. There is no need for super movie stars. Simple solid educational content will do the job. In fact, using superstar without good content is too hard-sell for internet readers' taste.
  3. Content does not have to be a heavy articles. Just a simple video about a simple task will do. The key is finding a mind-bending heart-touching message.
  4. Simple marketing message. With all the free airtime and low cost distribution channel, no need to sell everything and anything. Just focus on one message at a time per content item will do.
  5. Marketer can (and will have to) monitor traffic for each content so to learn which content or messages are accepted by the market. Further investment can be invested into boosting the successful one.
  6. The brand get built up by the spreading of the messages through online space. If you are into building your brand instead of driving traction, you measure the overall traffic, reach and average time your audience stay with your content.
  7. If you are into driving sales, you will measure click through and conversion. Developing contents for driving sales demand a much more detailed discussion on another blog post. For this blog and the example from Singapore Airline, the key is that don't mix a sales campaign with a brand building campaign. We may be forced to do so in the old days, but today, we have all the space and time to separate the two tasks so we can optimize the respective impacts.
Just sharing my thoughts and hope this is a good read for you.

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