Uber is replacing taxi pickups by 3.8 million in Central and Lower Manhanttan

Just read a very good article from FiveThirtyEightEconomics about latest statistics on how Uber is doing vs. taxi in terms of pickups in central and lower Manhattan. They have done a good report based on figures sourced from the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The end result is that Uber is NOT adding pickups to the city of Manhattan but rather replacing taxi pickups in the period of Apr to Jun 2014 and Apr to Jun 2015.

We all know that Uber is a new application of technologies in ordinary life creating a better services. To the existing taxi players this is definitely terrible development of technologies. However, taxi driver can still switch and jump ship to Uber camp.

To us consumer, the real downside is where will be the challenge of regulation on assurance of safety and quality standard of the Uber cap such enforcement of car check up, insurances or the professionalism of the drivers. But I do believe that consumers are aware of the risk but the statistics show that they are still taking up the new choice. That's reality check!

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