Friday, October 23, 2015

Energize yourself to learn new technologies to stay in business

Energize yourself to learn new technologies to stay in business

I was often commissioned to consult corporate clients on Social Media Strategies. My clients are traditional business executives who do not have time to "play" with the mobile phone and computer gadgets. Very often I get into a situation where client simply lacks the basic necessary knowledge to appreciate the power of the strategies based on technologies.

I understand that these are all very busy C level executives who are too busy to use these seemingly gadgets and toys to their position. (I still have friends who brag about he needs his secretary to print out email for him to read.) So very often I have to use old world analogy to make them to associate to the new world social media strategies.

Yes it is my job to help my client and I should be happy for this. But more often I felt frustrated about the fact that my clients basically resist to accept that they are not interested in the new technologies and they are making decision on empty foundation. It's more like they are being forced to do social media strategies by competitions only. On the surface, they all agree that social media is important to their business. In reality, however, they don't even want to explore the options and powers of the very smart phone and the apps that they are holding on their very hands. I seriously wonder if they really understand the impact of the social media and mobile computing technologies to their business if they don't apply themselves. Many of these kind of clients keep on complaining that the phone is just not as long lasting as their old phone mean that they fail to see the smartphone as a strategic weapon and need to invest to play with the latest to be inspired. In simple terms, they do not want to embrace the new world of technologies.

It's unfair to ask everybody to know everything. It's probably too tiring for these senior executives. These C level executives are very smart people and have been very successful in their career. The key challenge, however, is that the business cycle of the business world has speedup so much that the world, business or not, is just not stable. Competitors can come from no where and they steal your business from very foundation of market needs. For example, we all use Facebook to get news these days. Facebook as a US company has probably taken away many local traditional media business around the world. So Facebook as competitors get into the local media's market without the media operator knowing it. Yet many of my old fashion colleague from the newspaper industry still resist to "play" with their smart phone. Their very job is being taken away from them and they don't want to energize up and meet the challenge.

Another challenge based on same behavior is that these decision maker cannot even hire the right employees because of lacking of knowledge. And often the decision makers are the one that contain the creative staff members in using their captivities.

Anyway, this is a bitchy piece of blog post which complains like an old man and does not offer much constructive suggestion. I just got frustrated in helping some of my friends in telling them that they need to embrace the new world of technologies and blow off my steam here.

If there is one useful thing I can suggest to you, whether you are big time CEO or humble job seeker, is that we all need to keep our momentum up and embrace the new world of technologies. Keep learning and in fact, with Online Video, Search Engine and Social Media and Web, learning is never as easy as before. It's tiring and we need to learn to see the fun part of everything to motivate ourselves to learn and be inspired even when we are senior, successful or even retiring.