Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to meditate without wonder off to too many thoughts

9/15/2015 05:30:00 AM

One thing about being in the IT and Digital Marketing industry is that I am constantly learning, thinking, innovating and "strategizing" for business. There are trillions of new and exciting things to come all the time and it seems my mind is never really at rest. I think this is why I have burned my hair away significantly. I often joke about it that I myself is evolving from cat-5 cable to wifi connected! (sadly laughing at myself in the mirror).

Anyway, it is far too often that I cannot sleep at night. So I try to mediate to help my mind to slow down. However, for a guy like me, when I close my eyes, I have tons of ideas that burst out from within that meditation actually create more wishes or projects that I want to do compulsively. With these crazy things happening in my mind, I increasingly force myself to relax during meditation. It's helpless with a personality like mine!

However, I've discovered that the solution to a better, more focus and qualitatively is actually simple: Don't close my eyes completely.  Just keep my eye lids half close and find something to focus on while doing breathing helps keep my mind from wondering off. So I have created a video to further help and guide my meditation and it works wonderfully on me. I thought I ought to share it on YouTube. Here is the simple video that keeps me sane!