Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Key Steps To Optimize your Facebook Page Post Boost Ad Performance

4 Key Steps To Optimize your Facebook Page Post Boost Ad Performance

As an online media site operator, my team promote our website articles to our Facebook Page everyday, post by post. The Facebook Page has became an important distribution channel of our website. To get even more result, we buy ad from Facebook to boost post performance.

I place these ad everyday by myself. The reason why I do so instead of delegating the task to other is due to the needs to mind and discover the good performing article which then feed back to our editorial team. Also, the physical work of placing an ad only takes like 10 minutes per day but the analytical process of picking the right article to be promoted will take much longer time. As management I want to gain as much insight for decision on what contents are welcome by the market and how we should promote these content. Through the review of our Facebook Page post viral performance as well as advertising promotion performance, I can tell what type of articles are good for sharing and other are good for click through. (Yes there are many posts that get a lot of people share but with poor click through to my site!)

Finding the right articles that will be both shared and attract high click through is a mix of art and science. I do not dare to claim I am a guru but I do try my best everyday to improve through daily practice as there is (and I hope there is) much room for improvement. This is my insight on how to select the right Facebook Post to be promoted. It can be concluded in 4 major steps:

1 - Review how many people "sharing" your post for each post. 

With the latest response, I like to say that the "like" counts only look goods to our editorial team but Facebook is not really show what user likes to their friends. Only the "Share" will be shown to users' friends. So when I look a the data from each post, I will separate the "Like" and the "Share" Count and focus only the "Share" count.

You can get the share and like counts on Facebook's Insight page.

2 - Review how many people "click" your post's links for each post. 

You will have to click into each of the post via your Facebook Page Insight to see all the "Link Clicks" and "Other Clicks". There are fine differences between the two but I just add them up as a total count to evaluate the "Click Through Performance" of each of my post.

3 - List both of these in a table and start to look for posts of good balance of Share and Click. 

I want to drive click through to my website and to as many of my articles as possible. Therefore I usually select posts that has been published 2 days ago and have acquired "balanced" distribution between Share and Click. I want to place my ad dollars on posts that are being shared reasonably well but avoid the ones that a lot of people share but has no click. Every now and then we will see a post that receive incredible number of shares. There is no need to invest hard dollars to these post as they are powerful enough to be stand on their own.

As a media company we want to have reasonably even distribution of traffic among many of our articles. Base on this we adjust our promotion budget to seed many reasonably good articles within our budget.

4 - Review the "$/click" for each post boost ad on daily basis. 

Our website's contents are not newsy and are forever green. Therefore I can afford to wait for the post be ride on Facebook couple of days before I decide if they get to be promoted. Since we publish articles everyday, the delay is only a time-shifted delay. I have new ads being placed everyday anyway. Anyway, I have allocated 10 articles at the beginning to be promoted with a daily budget as long as until I stop the ad. Overtime, you will realize certain posts will get very good ad performance (low $/click) and some not. Obviously we will stop the poorly performing one and adjust the budgets to the high performers. If you do this everyday, your number of posts will increase and decrease from time to time and the dollar per post investment will varies from time to time. Overtime, you will be glad to see your $/click for the overall account decrease.

Productivity Consideration

As you can tell, this is a lot of analytical work everyday. I developed semi-automated tools using Facebook Insight exported report and excel to help me to cut the routine work and focus only the decision making process. I spend only couple of minutes from Facebook exported report to my visually formatted report using Google Spreadsheet.