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What exactly does coffee do to your brain?

I am a heavy coffee drinker...around 3 cups a day. When I discover this video, my brain is telling me: quit coffee! These pictures are screen cap of the key points from the video at the end of this post. We all have natural chemical that keeps us awake: Adenosine. Caffeine in the coffee has similar structure of Adenosine. It fools the Adenosine receiptor and fills the place of Adensine. That's why caffeine makes us feeling awake. But overtime, our brain will create more Adenosine receptor and wanting more Adenosine. That's why we are addicted to more Adenosine (or Coffee). In a way Caffeine actually does what Cocaine does to our brain. Scary...I think I'll quit coffee now! Wonder if I have the will do so so.  Watch the full video here:

Although we are apart, we can always stay in touch

We've heard about people saying that mobile technologies and social media make people more isolated. I think otherwise. People are apart because they wanted to do more. In today's global converging world, people travel much further and achieve more on a global scale. Internet, mobile and social media helps us to stay in touch with each other even we are far apart. Without social media I would have found so many high school classmates after 30 years not being in touch. I was able to teach my 60+ years old sister to use smart phone and whatsapp so that she can shoot and share video of my mom, who's 96 years old, to my family in Hong Kong. The world is a warmer place because of technologies. Whether it's good or evil is only dependent on who's using it.  The advertisement from this Japanese apps is a good one.