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Great Display Ad and Social Media

Almost all social media these days have converged their "content sharing" update into "Photo + Text" format. That's why having a great Display Ad image is one of the most important factor for your social media marketing campaign. It's common sense and not a huge secret. However, it is easily said than done especially when it comes to the subject having a great image that attract eyeballs and click through.

Saving a humpback whale.

I have stumble upon this video on YouTube about saving a humpback whale. The amazing happened in the next hour the whale was saved. It's a really touching story. Love it.

Digital resurrection - No. of Newspaper Journalists is dropping!

American newspaper journalists. From Economist With the commoditization of technologies and explosive advancement of internet, social media and smart device, it is no surprise to anyone that the large part of the media's job functions will be replaced by machines and software. As a person who has moved from the IT industry into the print media and directory business, I saw this coming years ago. But the real tipping point was reached when smart phone like iPhone and Android and Social Media has gained traction. If you look at the chart, the number of full time newspaper journalists start dropping around 2007 which was the year iPhone was launched. 2007 also was the year that everybody started talking about Facebook. What's coming ahead is that most headcounts for the "Ordinary Jobs" of just pushing news around with not much value added will be gone and replaced by average internet users on Social Media. The number of news media company will explode. The real jo

Challenges' purpose

Just have a good night sleep last night. I disciplined myself to sleep early and woke up earlier this morning to get things done! With a good night sleep I feel super efficient this morning. The challenge I was facing last night is still there, but I am refreshed and more ready to take it on! Challenges exist for a purpose. They help you to separate the winners from the losers. The real question is which side are you on?

7 ways to relax.

Plenty of ways to relax but I like this one most: Sleep early and wake up early to do your task instead of staying up late. The following picture is great too:!

Rest, relax and get ready for another day!

Don't over stress yourself. Learn to relax. It's only for the superior performance for the next day!

Startup Courage

Doing start up is not easy. We are chasing dreams that often no one has done before. We have no point of reference and often no guidance from anywhere. People surrounding you often try to help you by high light the risk instead of the bright side of our journey.  It's been heavily raining for a few days. The darkened sky in the morning journey to the office helps adding extra wight to our mood. Finding courage to move to the direction you want to go is necessary. But it is not far away, just look within yourself. It's there! All you need to do is to extract it! I have stumbled upon this quote from Ambrose Redmoon. It lifts me today: Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. Great! Let's focus and get our job done, today!