Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make an impact through beauty!

Make an impact through beauty!
An amazing scene of Hong Kong captured from the video "Another Heaven. Another Hong Kong by Franso.

Not long ago producing such beautiful videos can be very costly. With all the advance and low cost digital devices, making a video like this one (a stunningly beautiful video of where I live: Hong Kong by Francis So) is possible with just one man's effort( and a lot of talent and taste of course). And this one man is able to produce such powerful message to help protect the rare and remaining wilderness in Hong Kong.

If you are doing business, producing such beautiful video to brand your brand is only limited by your imagination! Use it smartly and for the benefits of not just your company but for your customers.

For now, please enjoy this video to see how beautiful my home town can be:

"Anther heaven. Another Hong Kong. A time laspe video by Franso"