Great Advertising!

People talk about about digital media a lot. We usually focus on technical aspects such as how to do build link for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to do find keyword and bid for the lowest price in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how to score high in the Facebook's ranking system EdgeRank and so forth. Often we have forgotten about the content of the advert. At the end, you can do every technique right and drive a lot of eye balls to your ad but if you don't have great creative advert design it will only give your potential customer an impression of mediocrity or even bad taste. We have to be creative, bold but yet align with your brand. Your message has to be consistent with what you can offer to ensure that the right customer will click and convert to achieve your objective instead of bounce back wasting your advertising dollar.

Everybody like a fun to watch ad. This one from National Geographic but it certain create a hell of an emotion that nail into your memory. If you happen to have a kid around you when you are going down the escalator, I am quite sure the kid will remember the National Geographic brand for his life. It's not digital ad and there is no need for crazy animation. Just a dash of creative will do a great job. I bet the media space at the bottom of the escalator wouldn't be an expensive buy too. The cost to produce the floor stick would have been rather inexpensive too.

How attractive your advert creative design and how accurate the message within the ad will have profound impact on the ultimate conversion of your advertising campaign. If you are doing some kind of digital campaign, one of the most important thing to track is conversion. When you realize that most of your click-thru turn out to be a wrong visit with one pageview bounce, you know you will most likely have to work on your advert design.

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