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Amazing Dad and Son on YouTube "Action Movie Kid"

I have always been saying that the media industry will be "framentized" and be broken into thousands and millions of small companies due to advancement and commoditization of IT technology. It's a mouthful! Basically one man with a machine will do the job of a bigger company. So gone are the large enterprises who use to dominate the market due to their size. Now it's nano structure. In the media industry, this is especially so. Anyone with talent and computer can do amazing things! One fine example is a father Daniel Hashimoto who knows about video animation, marketing in digital platform like YouTube and a lot of love with his kid can create amazing result. Watch YouTube Channel "Action Movie Kid" channel. It's just amazing and fill with love!

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) an environmental remedy for burning coal?

I am no environmental industry expert but I do know that our society is built on consuming much more than we need and there is no sign of stopping. If we maintain our way of living we are going to consume more. We can argue that we should spend less and so forth but this is only from a naive and narrow perspective of the people in the developed country. Those people in the much less privileged part of the world will definitely see it differently. And if everybody do learn to consume less, the heart beat of our economic growth engine that build up our modern economy today, consumption, will slow down so much that unemployment rate will sky rockets.  Coming back to the Earth and to today, the whole world is in such conflicting situation to drive economic growth and keep our world clean. China is right at the very center of such quagmire. There are 350 millions of people in China living under US$2 a day. They all want economic development and better living so it means that China will

3-D Printers Are Saving Babies' Lives One Breath At A Time

On a Saturday morning which I have to unfortunately work instead of resting or be with my family, I am really glad to have stumble upon this news from Huffington Post. Technologies can do us and the society a lot of good. And Technologies are results of a lot of hard works from many people. With Internet to connect the whole world, web to provide free access of global information and other technologies such as this 3D printed device saving babies' lives one breath at a time gives me a mental boost on the extra hours I will be putting in today to develop something useful (I am working on building an online media focusing on quality constructive content for the society). Thanks a piece of positive news and I feel energized and ready to run!

A Brand Site should be like traditional magazine design.

Dec 26, 1996 Mar 11, 2014 The early web were pioneered by technical people who are rather terrible in creative and design. (Hm...I guess that's why I preferred minimalism for my blog design) I have always been pitching that web designer should learn from magazines' cover page, page layout and navigation. Most home pages look like a complex table of content but instead they should look like a magazine cover page. People can easily find the table of content when they want to but a web (unless it is a portal of all things like Yahoo) should focus on a Cover Page like design that focuses on one thing, if not only a few things, that deliver a strong impression of the brand is about. We are now starting to see more and more web designs looking very much like a magazine cover. They look simply much more attractive than in the early days. Business Insider has taken the effort dig out how the 10 Brand Websites looks then and now in this article . Take a look at the Burger Kin

Make an impact through beauty!

An amazing scene of Hong Kong captured from the video "Another Heaven. Another Hong Kong by Franso. Not long ago producing such beautiful videos can be very costly. With all the advance and low cost digital devices, making a video like this one (a stunningly beautiful video of where I live: Hong Kong by Francis So) is possible with just one man's effort( and a lot of talent and taste of course). And this one man is able to produce such powerful message to help protect the rare and remaining wilderness in Hong Kong. If you are doing business, producing such beautiful video to brand your brand is only limited by your imagination! Use it smartly and for the benefits of not just your company but for your customers. For now, please enjoy this video to see how beautiful my home town can be: " Anther heaven. Another Hong Kong. A time laspe video by Franso "

11 percent of Americans believes HTML is a sexually transmitted disease!

Amazing statistics from consumer survey done by Coupon Site in US: 11 percent of Americans who reportedly believe HTML is a sexually transmitted disease 42 percent thought a motherboard was the deck of a cruise ship. 27 percent of respondents incorrectly identified a "gigabyte" as "an insect commonly found in South America." 18 percent mistakenly believed Blu-ray was some sort of marine animal. 13 percent thought an MP3 was one of the robots in "Star Wars." 12 percent thought USB was the acronym for a country in Europe. This is why technology can be an edge to your business if you know what to do with it for your career and business! Original Source: here .

Repeatable Innovation, a key to sustainable success to a company.

There is no doubt that Innovation is one of the key success factors for organization in the globally and  abruptly competitive market. We may get one or two bright ideas and win couple of battles. It might have been just luck. Can we consistently engineer innovation within our organization? Can a huge organization with thousands of staff members be able to organized systemically and drive innovation through crowdsourcing? I have stumbled upon a great online magazine that discuss these issues. Disclaimer : You will have to register to get the magazine. I don't know them but it's a great read.

Great Advertising!

People talk about about digital media a lot. We usually focus on technical aspects such as how to do build link for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to do find keyword and bid for the lowest price in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how to score high in the Facebook's ranking system EdgeRank and so forth. Often we have forgotten about the content of the advert. At the end, you can do every technique right and drive a lot of eye balls to your ad but if you don't have great creative advert design it will only give your potential customer an impression of mediocrity or even bad taste. We have to be creative, bold but yet align with your brand. Your message has to be consistent with what you can offer to ensure that the right customer will click and convert to achieve your objective instead of bounce back wasting your advertising dollar. Everybody like a fun to watch ad. This one from National Geographic but it certain create a hell of an emotion that nail into your memo