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Buying a gun on Facebook takes 15 minutes

This is a good article from VentureBeat that discuss about how easy Facebook and the web be used for shady purposes. I don't think anything can avoid the dark sides of being human but it's a good article to read. Here are a few excerpts: A VentureBeat investigation has uncovered dozens of pages on Facebook where guns are for sale, including semi-automatic weapons, handguns, and silencers. While the transactions don’t actually happen on Facebook, the social network is a remarkably easy way to find shady people willing to sell you a weapon — no questions asked. The illegal transactions then take place in diners, dark parking lots, and isolated country roads — away from the prying eyes of the feds and local police. As it turns out, the 15 year old’s purchase wasn’t an anomaly. Facebook pages have been a thriving market for facilitating gun purchases. On Tuesday, a VentureBeat reporter and his colleague spent less than 15 minutes arranging to buy a semiautomatic 7mm rifle

Apps, Social Media & Your Relationship

A good article from Wired that discuss how Apps and Social Media technologies "enhance" your relationship management. It an interesting read and I though I might share it with you. this latest batch of apps and tools that remind us to contact significant others, boost our willpower, provide us with moral guidance, and encourage us to be civil. Taken together, we’re observing the emergence of tech that doesn’t just augment our intellect and lives — but is now beginning to automate and outsource our humanity. Real Original Article Here .

No. 1 secret Gmail feature to track and counter email spammers

You have stumbled upon a web site which looks interesting. You are asked to use your email address to sign up as a member before you can continue to read more content. However, the web site may "sell" or "give away" your email address to other web sites which they will spam you. You will have no way to tell which web site has given away your email address. Even worse is that you have no way of stopping the future spammers in spamming you. There is no way to even predict which spammers will come up in future so you cannot set a filter to filter away their emails. Worrying about this consequence the only way you can avoid this potential issue you may simply avoid the signing up and let go of the potentially good content or service. Do we have a way to resolve this issue?  Yes. Gmail comes to rescue. One of the least talked about features of gmail actually offers you to not only be able to track the source of your email address leakage but also to setup very p

LinkedIn launches the Simplified Chinese Site

LinkedIn has announced in the  blog  from Derek Shen (沈博阳), president of LinkedIn China, launched a Simplified Chinese Site. It is branded as "领英 "  (or LingYing) which literally can be translated as "Leading Elite", "Leader & Elite" or simply "Leader".  Many giants such as Yahoo, Goolge, Facebook and eBay have not been successful to extending their services or beating local competitors. It would be interest to see how LinkedIn Chinese site will work out. Having said so the English version of LinkedIn has been available in Chinese for a long time, the addition of the simplified Chinese site will at least NOT a step backward. They are simply offering more choices to the Chinese market. Couple of points I find worth mentioning: First, LinkedIn taps into huge WeChat members database. This is a big plus in helping LinkedIn to expand their presence in China. The following is a quote from Derek's post: Our members who have WeChat accou

New App allows user to add emotion to photo for sharing by adding 4-10 second music clip.

Snippit is a just-launched app offering a twist on photo-sharing. The idea is pretty straightforward — instead of sharing a photo on its own, Snippit allows users to add a 4-to-10-second clip of their favorite song. The song can be something that’s downloaded on their phone, or they can select from the 30-second song previews that are available on iTunes (yep — a clip of a clip). They can also add text captions and location check-ins and tag friends.