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Social Media Page can beat SME's corporate web site.

Businesses these days need to build their corporate web sites. However, building and maintaining web site for SME can be a huge challenge. Building a web site can be relatively simple but to build an effective web site for brand building, lead generating and customer serving is not easy. It needs to be built with SEO optimized structure and an easy content updating system and all that technical stuff that most companies don't know how to do. And that's not the end. After building a corporate web site we need to promote it (traffic generation) and maintain it with engaging content.  It's actually a very demanding operation for SME.  However, Social Media like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn offer company to setup their company page which can easily outperform their company web site in terms of Brand Building, Promotion, Lead Generation and Customer Service. If a page that does all these well, it would most likely means that the company is doing it's CRM right! Another s

That’s OK BlackBerry!

That’s OK BlackBerry. That market has changed and moved on. In the Open Letter from BlackBerry to its customers, it says " these are no doubt challenging times for us and we don't underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges we are facing...there is a lot of competition out there and we know that BlackBerry is not for everyone. That's OK. " I have nothing against BlackBerry back then or today. It’s a fine product in the past and probably today too. However, from a forward looking business strategy perspective, I say it’s not so OK for BlackBerry. And what’s not so OK is that the Market has moved on and BlackBerry is still, unfortunately, hanging on its old element as shown in the open letter. As a company it has not adapted to the new market paradigm. It is the challenge of the need to adapt to the Market that’s worth writing about. BlackBerry, unfortunately is only a case study for this topic. Years ago when there were not much competition from the hi