Friday, July 5, 2013

Sony Experia Z Ultra looks sexy

Sony Experia Z Ultra looks sexy
Sony Experia Z Ultra
While I have such terrible experience with using the Sony Experia Z only a few months ago and I told myself not to purchase Sony's phone again, Sony announced the new Experia Z Ultra. And I was sold again even just on the specification.

What moved me: the 6.4in Triluminos Full HD resolution screen that can be written on by any stylus or even a pencil!  I do like to write instead of type in many occasion (call me old fashion or something). If I can write on both the tablet and the paper that I carry with me all the time, it's such great convenience. And it's cool!

Back to business strategy discussion, what Sony doing with this new screen is to eliminate competitor's key selling point, in this case the Samsung Galaxy Note's S-Pen. Why border to follow competitor's foot step when you can eliminate it at all. We haven't got the real product on hand yet but if Sony does deliver what it promise, I think it's a very competitive product strategy. From a personal needs point of view, it's probably better strategy than a pair of Glasses or a SmartWatch as far as gaining back marketing share on Android phone and tablet perspective. Having said that I too also look forward to the SmartWatch as it probably look cool on my arm. Glasses may make me a Cybot unless it's comfortable and fashionable (yes even a nerd needs to be fashionable).

Back to my earlier negative experience with Sony Experia Z, after taking it to be fixed and after couple of firmware updates, most of the issues are now gone. I maintain my negative experience about the Sony's customer service experiences but the phone does seem to work very well now. So to be fair to Sony as a product, I'll probably give it a try if the price is right!