Friday, May 31, 2013

Prosperity and Tranquility

Prosperity and Tranquility Many years ago I met a lady who sat next to me in a business conference lunch. It was the kind of lunch which people were busy chatting, exchanging business cards and many of them even laughing out loud. The lady was probably not having a good day and was pretty upset about the noise level. I was the quiet one and she seemed to appreciate me sitting beside her not adding more noise to her ears. So she start chatting with me and complaining about how impolite people were being so loud.

I asked her why did she want to come to this kind of business luncheon if she had problem with too many people networking. Then she told me that she wanted to do some business networking too but just did not like the noise level. I told her
" If you want Prosperity, you have to let go of  Tranquility! "
What I meant was that she had chosen to go to a "market place" for networking. A good market place should be packed with people busy making connection. So why complain about it. After a few seconds of thinking about what I've said, she smiled and seemed more relax and happy.

For one moment, I actually thought that I was wise. She had made it a good day for me because, frankly, I felt the same about the noise level in the luncheon. It seemed like I benefited more then my lady friend in the luncheon.