Sunday, April 14, 2013

Market Your Business via Creating Your Own Digital Magazine

Market Your Business via Creating Your Own Digital Magazine One of the most commonly used technology for average business is for marketing. While businesses can always develop mega marketing campaigns that span across multiple channels, they cannot do it all year long every day. It is important to find cost effective way to manage the sales and marketing aspect of your business on a day-to-day scale. One of the most effective way is content marketing.

Many of my advertisers pay much money to media company to help them to write Advertorial as a way to increase their credibility and authority or to engage to their target customers through stories instead of simple push oriented advertising campaign. This is a proven way of cost effective marketing techniques even among the big boys.

On a more humble level (ie you don't have the big budget to buy expensive Advertorial!) It would be good that your small team (or even yourself) to create your very own magazine so that you can promote your products and services to drive sales leads. You can use frequent content to maintain communications with your existing customers for a FORGET ME NOT strategy.

There are two major challenges:

  1. building the content platform with traffic and
  2. actually coming up with good content consistently on ongoing basis. 

How To Use Flipboard's User-Generated Magazines To Promote Your Own Content

It’s no secret that Flipboard is a resounding success among people (50 million of them) who want to consume a wide range of organized content. But in the two weeks since Flipboard announced their user-generated magazine feature, more than 500,000 personalized magazines have been created. For most, it’s the perfect way to be your own content curator. For savvy content creators, however, it can be an excellent avenue for self-promotion

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These challenges can be resolved, partly, with the latest implementation of Personalized Digital Newspaper/Magazine. This platforms are easy to use App or Web platform that help you to collect, screen and merge public free content, to merge your own content and leverage your social media connections to promote your personalized magazine. Paid version will offer more branding customization (like your own Domain Name) and proactive marketing service (like eDM). FlipBoard and are good example of App and Web respectively.

I say the challenges are resolved partly because most of the challenging tasks of building the platform are done by these platform. The leveraging of public free content resolve part of the challenge to come up with good content everyday. The only thing remaining that you still have to invest your resources and time is, still, you have to produce your own good content otherwise you are simply promoting someone else's business.

Forbes has recently published an article by their contributor Jason Evangelho about Flipboard. It's a good article. Take a look at it!