Angusih over the Chines Girl hit by minivan and ignored by passers-by.

Wong Yue, the poor 2 years old girl in Foshan got hit by a minivan but was ignored by passers-by and lead to a second hit by another truck, died yesterday.

What tragedy!

But what's more behind the tragedy is the horrible cool blooded culture in part of the China. The Guangdong party boss Wang Yang said in a high-level provincial meeting that this tragedy should be a "wake-up call" for society. People all over the world forwarded and criticized about this incident and.they have every right to do so.

So what's the big deal about the rapid growth of the China's economy in the two decades and some childish claim about "China can say no!" kind of rubbish talk. We cannot even maintain proper humanity in a part of a town that is not in distressed situation. With all the talk about deep China culture, the Confucius' advocating of kindness and everything, many people in China are no more developed than some simple out-dated villages. We don't walk the talk!

Wake up China. Wake up. We have to make tomorrow a better place for us; and not just us but embrace the other cultures. Just be human, be kind and humble and be good!

It's pretty hard to say today is a good day but let's commit to ourselves that we can be better tomorrow!

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