Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solar Panel and Environment

Solar Panel and Environment I cannot agree more when I read a piece of Reader's comment submitted to South China Morning Post today. The topic "Solar panel subsidy a good idea". The reader supports the Hong Kong Government's proposal on providing subsidy to Taxi installing a solar powered air conditioning system to help keep the temperature cool in hot summer condition while the engine is turned off during waiting time. This is a very good solution to the problem base on the assumption that such technology is ready.

I am no expert in Solar panel technologies. I have to say that I have doubt about whether the technology is mature enough to convert Sun power into sufficient level of electric power stored in the rechargeable technology. I have doubt about the pollution generated in the process of generating the solar cells and the rechargeable batteries that the toxic or hard to degrade wastes may cause more losses than gains. However, I have faith that we will get the technology to some ready point; and if the solar panel technology is not the right technology and we will be smart enough to find other technology to replace it. The comes and goes of technologies is only a process of discovery or a progress of advancement. So let's keep going!

Without proper research and knowledge, I assume (may be I wish) that the solar panel may also abort the energy from the sun and reflect much less heat into the atmosphere. Assuming that we know how to handle the chemical waste properly, it's worth the money and effort to use solar panel in every day living. (Sorry I should have search on internet instead of making assumptions but I am just doing casual blogging you know.) It's just small enough for a guy like me to contribute to the environment issue. With such reason, we should install solar panel on many large or small surface areas just to abort heat to keep the environment cool. These device can be my backpack, my mobile phone, my flower pot or whatever.

A quick search of images on the net returns many promising ideas. Companies are doing it. I think people are doing it. We will have a bright future and good environment.

Today is a good day and tomorrow will be even better!