Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Accept who you are, integrate with your community and be happy!

Accept who you are, integrate with your community and be happy! I post my painting on the blog and also on my facebook and linkedin. Sharing my amateur paintings with others is not something I am comfortable with. Sharing them on the public internet is even more mentally challenging. Call me old fashion, shy or stubborn. I think of such sharing as "show off", "egoistic" or other more negative side of sharing. Why do I do it?

I do that to confront my own fear of failure. There is nothing more brutal than facing people negative comment about ones' work, especially those comments relate to deep personal level like "artistic talent". By sharing my painting on the net, I post a challenge to myself and to "force" myself to improve as people give me criticism and comments. I was hoping that I could also get into discussion with others and learn through trial and error.

Now that I have done it by sharing my paintings on the net, I actually feel more comfortable these days. Hilariously it's not a result of the "success" of how many people like my work or "failure" due to how many people telling me my work being lousy. It is because of lacking of response. [] Due to our ego, we all get very nervous about how other people rate us on "my blog", "my post" or other "my stuff".  Frankly, we are just just another guy posting and sharing on the net among millions of others. You'll be lucky if people notice your blog and even more lucky if people do give your feed back good or bad at all. So don't over rate your importance but cast unnecessary pressure onto yourself. Doing so can cloud your judgement from seeing the true picture of things (especially your own work). Many of us can even get defensive or angry because we focus too much on "ourselves".

More and more I feel like I am "nothing". I don't mean it in a negative way but we are all but just one guy against billions of other people. Or we are just one "little being" against the vast nature. So more and more I put down my ego and try to think of myself being part of a much larger community of millions. More and more the "me" is less important and the "us" is growing stronger. In a simple way, I would much rather be "us chatting happily" than "me winning others alone". So I am getting more and more a "nobody" but I am getting more and more happy as I see me being part of a much bigger family of close family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Of course there is a balance for everything. If we "over rate" our "nothingness" too much, we stop learning and growing. After all the world is composed of millions of people like you and me and we do have to be productive and contributing so that we can enjoy the success with our friend and family. So we do have to be "somebody" and be "productive and good". Just that this "somebody" is not "THE guy" or "THE king" but one valuable member of a community.

Learn to be a contributing member of a community. Learn to accept what the community can offer to you. Help yourself, help others and let others help you! Accept your strength and learn to leverage them. Accept your weakness and strive to improve them. We can be happier this way!

And it will make everyday a good day for us.