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Solar Panel and Environment

I cannot agree more when I read a piece of Reader's comment submitted to South China Morning Post today. The topic "Solar panel subsidy a good idea". The reader supports the Hong Kong Government's proposal on providing subsidy to Taxi installing a solar powered air conditioning system to help keep the temperature cool in hot summer condition while the engine is turned off during waiting time. This is a very good solution to the problem base on the assumption that such technology is ready. I am no expert in Solar panel technologies. I have to say that I have doubt about whether the technology is mature enough to convert Sun power into sufficient level of electric power stored in the rechargeable technology. I have doubt about the pollution generated in the process of generating the solar cells and the rechargeable batteries that the toxic or hard to degrade wastes may cause more losses than gains. However, I have faith that we will get the technology to some ready p

Angusih over the Chines Girl hit by minivan and ignored by passers-by.

Wong Yue, the poor 2 years old girl in Foshan got hit by a minivan but was ignored by passers-by and lead to a second hit by another truck, died yesterday. What tragedy! But what's more behind the tragedy is the horrible cool blooded culture in part of the China. The Guangdong party boss Wang Yang said in a high-level provincial meeting that this tragedy should be a "wake-up call" for society. People all over the world forwarded and criticized about this incident and.they have every right to do so. So what's the big deal about the rapid growth of the China's economy in the two decades and some childish claim about "China can say no!" kind of rubbish talk. We cannot even maintain proper humanity in a part of a town that is not in distressed situation. With all the talk about deep China culture, the Confucius' advocating of kindness and everything, many people in China are no more developed than some simple out-dated villages. We don't walk

Accept who you are, integrate with your community and be happy!

I post my painting on the blog and also on my facebook and linkedin. Sharing my amateur paintings with others is not something I am comfortable with. Sharing them on the public internet is even more mentally challenging. Call me old fashion, shy or stubborn. I think of such sharing as "show off", "egoistic" or other more negative side of sharing. Why do I do it? I do that to confront my own fear of failure. There is nothing more brutal than facing people negative comment about ones' work, especially those comments relate to deep personal level like "artistic talent". By sharing my painting on the net, I post a challenge to myself and to "force" myself to improve as people give me criticism and comments. I was hoping that I could also get into discussion with others and learn through trial and error. Now that I have done it by sharing my paintings on the net, I actually feel more comfortable these days. Hilariously it's not a result of