Friday, August 19, 2011

My mom is a fighter!

8/19/2011 12:13:00 PM

Just went to Canada for a two weeks summer family vacation. One of the main things about this trip was visiting my mom, who's 93 years old.

I haven't seen her for couple of years. During these 2 years, my mom has aged quite rapidly and starting to not to be able to think clearly nor walk steadily. However, she refused (or forgot...may be) to sit on a wheel chair and refused to use her walker. As a result, she had fallen many times which often resulted in visits to the hospital for stitches and x-ray for bone fracture. In the last two years my family in Canada had sent me e-mail with picture and YouTube video of her injuries and stitches. Naturally those of us in Hong Kong worried about her.

So I went to see my mom in Toronto a month ago with my wife and my daughter. When my mom first saw me, she had to struggle to recall from her memory of who I was. Fortunately she did remember me. Thank god! And she recognized my daughter who's 9 and a half year old. As to my wife, my mom actually referred her as my girl friend! Oh well...that sounded like a good thing to me. Subsequently when I saw her in action to walk with a walker and happily trying to get out from the elderly lodge to have lunch with our family, I had to smile from my very center of my heart about what a fighter she was. I felt that she was talking to herself in her mind that "I can do it! I will do it! And now watch me I am going to walk by myself!" as she inched her way out the door with her walker.

Guess what, I have a young at heart 93 year old mom, a new girl friend without treating from my wife and a young and beautiful old daughter in one day!

"Today is a good day!" I told myself.