Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two facebook features that can harm your personal brand image.

Two facebook features that can harm your personal brand image.
“What group is it that you have jointed on facebook?” asked my wife couple of nights ago. I was very puzzled because I did not join any group on facebook. I actually did not login at all on such day. So I went on to facebook to see why I joined a group without my knowledge. Only then I discovered that this is a standard function in a group that any member in the group can add his friend without his consensus to a group. Facebook would sent an email to the guy being added about this action so he can exit the group should he decide to do so. This is annoying because my friend could have seen it in their e-mail just like my wife did before I have a chance to react. It’s really not a good feature as we could easily be added by some owner/member of a group who’s trying to expand his or her facebook group and don't really care about if it is matching your interest or not.

Subsequently when I login to facebook to learn more about the group, I felt even more annoyed two nights ago. The group was named as “Youth Entrepreneur Warriors” (in Chinese) with some “believes” that I absolute disagree such as “Employee = Old World’s slave”, “Our talents is not to be purchased by money” and “Youth is our advantage and we should start business!”. I work as an employee and I am happy with this role. By NOT starting business, we are really providing our service to employer without the risking large sum of investment for starting business. I think that's just a fair trade and there is nothing wrong being employed. Of course, there is nothing wrong with starting business too. If employment equals to slavery then being a boss makes you the evil slavery master. To cut the long story short, I “unfriended” the guy who added me in this group and leave the group immediately.

Your participations in social media network form your personal brand. What you say in your “update”, the Apps that you join, the Groups that you join, the fan pages that you like and other thing all add up to form your brand image. Now that your fb friends can add you to any group, you just have to read your e-mail consistently and react to such action quickly. I have checked the facebook account and it seems that I have yet find how to configure my account setting to disable such permission.

I have also disabled people from tagging me in photo not because I am a highly secretive figure (otherwise I wouldn’t be on facebook) but many people actually use tagging as a way to spread their aggressive promotion ad, which is in the form of a uploaded photo, to our friend’s network. I really don’t want to be used inappropriately as a medium for someone else’s promotion.

In sum, be careful!