A Vowel Question: What word contains the five vowels (a, e, i, o,u) in the right order?

It's Saturday morning. I am home helping my daughter Nicole for her English exam. As a native Chinese 9 years who basically speak Cantonese 95% of the time, it's difficult to learn English rules while embracing all the exceptions in the language. As a father, it's really difficult to answer some simple questions like "Why are vowels limited to 'a, e, i, o, u'?" or "Why 'e' is silent 'e' at the end of the word?" or even like "Where is the 'k' and 'w' sound in the word 'know'?".....

Hm.....I just pull my hair.... cause these questions are just like "why do we exists"......

To answer her, it's almost like I have to explain to her the philosophy of life that there are always exceptions to the rules we define for ourselves because we human beings are all different from each other so the rules we create for each other never get 100% compliances..... perhaps a bit too deep for me and my little girl while we are just studying for the English exam.

Anyway, what prompts me to write this little blog post is the question from Nicole "Dad, is there a word that contains all 5 vowels?". ".....hmmmm.....arrr......", I said. So I turn to the great Internet for answer. Guess what I found! There are a few words that contains all 5 vowels. Here they are copied from some web sites that I don't remember. Actually the answer is actually one that is for a question even tougher than my daughter's original question. You will know when you read the follow:

What word contains the five vowels (a, e, i, o,u) in the right order?

The two most common ones are abstemious 'indulging only moderately in food and drink', and facetious 'treating serious isues with inappropriate humour'. Oxford Dictionaries Online also contains the chemical term arsenious 'relating to arsenic with a valency of three', while the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary includes the rare botanical and zoological termsacheilous 'having one or both lips absent', anemious 'growing in windy situations', caesious 'bluish or greyish green',andannelidous 'belonging to the phylum Annelida'.

Anyway....whatever....it's fun to see my daughter grow....

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