Friday, November 12, 2010

2 Mind Mapping freeware- a great tool for presentation, organization of thoughts and memorization.

2 Mind Mapping freeware- a great tool for presentation, organization of thoughts and memorization. I like mind mapping! For mind mapping to work, one has to hold a pen, draw the tree branches and nodes in a highly graphical and visually special way to help us concentrate, put the "item" in the right place in the big picture and drill into our brain leveraging the graphic presentation.

Last week I have basically done two presentation on our company's strategies to several colleagues using just one simple mind map on my computer interactively (click and expand & collapse trees as I draw my audience's attention on various subjects in a highly complex set of strategies). Everybody got a very clear picture of the subject matter but I did not have to do 50 slides or so. It was great for me and my colleagues to use and view just one mind map page.

It can be used as a tool to help us to memorize. In such case it's batter to use pen and paper. The actually involvement with our thoughts and fingers drawing picture synchronously together helps us to drill the subject into our brain. On the other hand, if you are using it as a tool tonorganize complex thoughts and there is no need to "spell out" exactly as in an exam, perhaps a computer software will help you speed up your mind map a lot.

I use "Freemind" as my tool to organize my thoughts sometimes. And it's actually a great interactive presentation tool as well. It's not as graphically sexy as in Power Point presentation but it does draw your audience attention and prevent them losing their way amongst slides. It is a "Java" based program which means you will also have to install the Java runtime software for Freemind to run. You can down load Freemind here.

There is another mind mapping software,, "TheBrain", which I found a bit more "confusing" (funny that mind map is suppose to help you to avoid confusion) but it's user interface is more rich and it probably is an interesting tool for interactive presentation. If you feel like you want to present your thought interactively without 50 slides but one big interactive mindmap, perhaps "The Brain" makes a better tool to "wow" the audience. You can download "TheBrain" here.

Please enjoy the software.