Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your CV & your Social Networking Site

7/25/2010 12:48:00 AM

Personal Branding for Career – Your CV & your Social Networking Site

With the advancement of social networking, recruiters are increasingly leveraging the internet and the social networking to find the talents they need. Therefore, if you consider yourself a “Career Person”, you need to be very carefully building up your profile through your social networking site, be it your public profile and what you post on blog, facebook, linkedin or others.

In fact, smart recruiters will probably “google” you to find more about you beyond the CV you have submitted. So if this is going to be a fact of life, why not show your blog address on your CV or make your facebook public profile available to the recruiters. Doing so means that you are a much in tune with the new age of digital, which I believe is an added advantage in today’s digital society, and you are professional enough to show your muscle in front of your to-be employers.

Not sure if they still say that or not, that a CV should be no more than 2 pages. I agree to some extent. My CV was 7 to 10 pages all the time. The different is that there is a 2 page “mini-CV” within the 10 pages CV. It’s kind of like an Executive Summary of a proposal. Page 3 to 10 are there to function supporting information or appendix material. The formula works for me very well as my CV did not overwhelm my potential employers but yet they have the opportunities to dig deeper into me if they found me interesting.

Indeed, “Interesting”, is a key point. Frankly if your CV is very interesting, the recruiter will spend their time to read many pages. But you have to be indeed “Interesting” to earn their attention. Do not assume that people have to “respect” your CV and they will read it line by line. No way. It is your job to make your CV interesting! We can talk more about this in future. For now, I think one of the easy ways to expand your CV without too many words is to attach a link to your blog or social network profile. It’s a great Multi-media Appendix material for your CV.