Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting - Water mill

Painting - Water mill
5 days off in a roll with the Easter Holiday. Our family has no travelling plan but just to stay home to take a rest. I found some quiet time at night alone with wife and daughter sound asleep couple of nights ago. A good chance to do one more practice of watercolor painting.

Again, the internet offered endless supplies of photo. I found a good photo of water mill from google search and made a painting out of it.

The real picture's color is much less strong compare to the image posted here. The reason is that I used my Nikon D40 camera to take the picture and used Photoshop to corp the picture. The lighting condition was not good when I take the picture. So I used Photoshop to make some adjustment. It turns out that the adjusted picture's color is a lot more vivid than the original one. I have tried a few setting and could not simulate near the original painting. So may as well use the auto-leveled one from Photoshop!

Enjoy. Next time I will try to be more bold in the use of stronger color.