Friday, March 26, 2010

Rose Again!

Rose Again! My daughter asked me to accompany her in her school painting project. We have started doing this a few years ago since kindergarten. So a few times every year I got to sit down with a quiet mind just to do some painting of my own while she did her own painting. We established some common theme and start to do our drawing.

This year, right after her school exam, she asked me to do painting again. It was after Chinese New Year and she wanted to paint some flowers popularly displayed by many family in Chinese New Year. This got me going again with my many attempts to recreate the vivid color of a rose. This time I tried the color of pink. The strong impression of lively and vivid color was not really achieved according to what I wanted to do. I guess this is a live long quest to make a painting photo like!

Anyway, I believe my techniques in using pencil color and water color has improved a bit. Perhaps sometimes I should seriously go to an art school to speed up the basic techniques so I can really draw with more freedom.

Here is my latest painting. Please enjoy it.